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Frequently asked questions

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Uploaded 5 January 2024

Can I hire a bouncy castle, will it fit in?

Yes, the advantage of our main hall is the large ceiling. Most bouncy castles will fit but hirer needs to provide APCA with the supplier's Public liability before hire.

Is there cutlery, plates, kettles, knives etc?

In the kitchen we have cutlery, plates, cups, kettles even urns. We charge £10 as one-off payment for the use of the kitchen. You are also welcome to use the cooker, microwave, fridges, freezer or even the dishwasher. All items must be put away safe, clean, and tidy.

Please bring a knife for the birthday cake cutting.

I have already paid the £50 deposit. Can I just not pay the remaining balance?

No. We charge £50 as a refundable deposit which will be returned to you after the event. We charge it in case of any minor damages, overstay or if the centre was left untidy.

Can I serve alcohol?

If alcohol is to be sold, a TEN notice from TVBC is required. If alcohol is only to be served, please refer to APCA Term and Conditions.

Can we play music? Can I borrow a speaker or projector?

We hold PRS and PPL licence, so music is permitted at our premises. We charge £10 as one of payment for the speaker if you wish to borrow ours or £10 for the projector.

Are there any tables and chairs?

We have 12 small tables and 10 large tables. We also have 99 chairs in total.

Do I need to pay for set up / pack away time? Do I need to leave the centre tidy?

Yes. We do charge for set up & pack away time. 

Please leave the centre clean and tidy to have your £50 deposit back.

Can I put decoration on the wall?

We do not allow any decorations/posters to be stuck to the walls anywhere in the Community Centre. Instead, please use small hooks on the walls in the main hall. Otherwise, all decoration must be free standing.

Can I hire a smoke machine?

Please do not use the smoke machines as they will set the alarm off.

Do I need to take rubbish home?

Yes. Please take all your rubbish away with you.

Is the soft play included in the booking?

No, we charge for the soft play separately. The cost of the soft play is £60. However, we do require at least 2 people from your event to help setting it up, as the mats are very heavy. The set-up time takes about 45min and pack away time is about 20min. This time needs to be included in your booking. The soft play can only be set up in the main hall.

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